May 1, 2018


By Leiland Tanner


My mind is racing - I'm pacing in the dark

Back to my birth on the Earth to the stars

Painfully examine every single little mark

Pain from the train there are too many cars

Back to revisit every snippet that I've hidden like a prison overridden with my villainous scars

Can't put my finger where the memories start but it began in my brain but it moved to the heart.

Now I've got to get it off my chest  

And I can't rest

Nevertheless I've been blessed with the quest  

Nevertheless I've been blessed

Nevertheless you must choose to progress, yes

Nevertheless you must test, oh

Nevertheless your quest might be different but the fundamental tongue doesn't stutter at all

Gift of la lengua Gift of the rap Give of Gospel through gift of the gab

Give give give to the ones who want and to the ones who need because they just don't have

Here, take a little bit of my energy - take a little bit of my breath

Take a little bit of my mind view I do mind you I will walk beside you


Pivot . I'm back in my dark room - Slow it all down

I've got to take a walk in the midnight soak in the desert with knees on the ground

Got to get it all in Got to get it all out Got to go and give it all I Got

Got to bring it all in and lay it all out let the world know I'm ready for the headshot




Mark my face with a name every single day I will never be the same

What once weakness now a crown found a new life and put a sick one down

Down down -down and around I drowned and I pound on the ground die

Down on the ground, but the devil then frowned

When the sound of Root came through like a hound

Sound from heads of the beast went quiet

Darkness scattered by the light

Find FIre inside like the MANe of a LION INVaded the ENtire of my Mind

See him on the mount with the crack of the whip on the back of the Man with the grief

To commend and send as a friend to the end then ghost to the realm of them who don't speak

So give in to the rhythm of the drum beat both fists down on my chest I cry

Giving all the algorithm opposite of nepotism bring it if you've got it only glory in the eye

But WE, together -can do much better

So I pray for the power to live as a watchman

So I look and I seek and I help and I find

And I trumpet the message at the mess of mankind



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May 1, 2018

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